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Different Types of Tiles by Size

Different tile sizes produce a different aesthetic and influence the way you feel in a room. Large-format tiles, at least 12-18 inches in width or length, can make a room appear larger and are becoming increasingly popular for walls and floors. They can give a timeless, classic elegance to traditional homes. There are fewer grout lines, so they make any space feel more open and clean and give it a high-end look. That’s why by installing large format square tiles on the walls in the bathroom, you can give it a more luxurious feel and make it look sleeker. Elegant 12x 24 glass tile will look great in a contemporary kitchen, around an outdoor pool, or in a living room. By installing 18×18 travertine tile, you can add an extra appeal to your floors. 12×24 white tile can complement design styles from traditional to modern. Large tiles also work well in open-plan spaces and help tie two spaces together.

Small tiles can add depth to every space or contract a space, making it feel more compact. With more grout lines, small tiles are a great choice for showers because they guarantee more traction and slip-resistance.

We deals in:

10 x 20, 12 x 30, 14 x 14, 20 x 20, 12 x 24, 16 x 16, 8 x 24, 12 x 36, 32 x 32 and special sizes.


We Deal in Pakistan’s Top Brands to deliver you High Quality Tiles

Everything In Bathroom

Create a bathroom you can relax and unwind in by introducing some stylish new tiles. From stunning Marble effect pattern tiles for the floors, through to defined beveled Tiles for the walls, and contemporary mosaics for the shower room. Visit our showroom to choose the best bathroom accessories among bath tubs, basins, etc.

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